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We make all our dishes fresh, we work with local suppliers, all our products are fresh and organic, we take care of the environment and we are grateful for all that Mother Earth provides us.
Thank you for choosing us

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Calle 32 esquina 5ta av. 

Playa del Carmen


7am a 11pm - Lunes - Domingo

7am a 2pm - Martes

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Homemade Guacamole
with wood-fired tomatoes, onion and habanero, flavored with cilantro oil


Silkil P`ak
TieRra Mayan Hummus with pumpkin, dry tomatoes & onions on wood fire

Veracruzana Crab Croquette
with wood-fired beet puree, chargrilled habanero mayonnaise, arugula salad with olive oil & lemon


Pacific Tuna Tostada
on a bed of avocado, cilantro, scented with a Japanese yuzu and soy reduction

Chapulines Tostada
with a avocado & cilantro

 Baja Californian Fish Taco
with beer reduction, pico de gallo, chargrilled habanero mayonnaise

Don Juan
cocktail Shimp cocktail, marinated in beet-based TieRra sauce, accompanied by tortilla chips, onion, tomato and finely chopped habanero chili.

Sikil p'ak tieRra
puree roasted pumpkinseeds whit wood-fired tomatoes and onions.

Giand shrimp tartar
marinated whit mirin (rice vinegar) ginger and soy sauce, whit a soft touch of sriracha, lemon and homemade tartar sauce


Soups and salads

Mayan Lime Soup whit chicken

Carrot Cream Soup 
(organic dairy-free)

Quinoa Salad
with smoked peppers,grilled carrot and pumpkin,garlic mushrooms and balsamic reduced onions.

 TieRra Caesar Salad



Wood-fired Wild Salmon Steak
With candied lemon peel with fresh mixed lettuce, marinated cherry tomatoes, cruttons, capers, house vinaigrette, creamy potato croquettes on the inside and extra crispy on the outside

Wood-fired Pacific Tuna Steak
with cous cous salad, roasted peppers, marinated cherry tomatoes, basil and pistachio pesto, parmesan flakes and fresh basil.


Angus Burger Home Baked Bread
with house ground Angus Rib Eye Beef, cheese mixture, tomato slice, caramelized onions in craft beer, pickles, bacon and our secret sauce, served with Mexican style potatoes

Wood-fired Picaña Angus or Ribeye
with creamy mashed potatoes with a soft touch of garlic and truffled asparagus.

Wood-fired Mayan Octopus 
flavored with pasilla chilli oil, accompanied  by mashed sweet potato and turmeric, potato.

Wood-fired catch of the day 
on a bed of mashed potato curry, rosemary vegetables, menier sause and crispy potato

Woo-fired pasific shrimp to taste
accompanied by quinoa salad  and grilled vegetables.



Grilled Vegetables 

Roasted Cauliflower, sweet potato curry pure & fried capers

Capped cauliflower tacos

Lentils burger & romero spiced cambray potato.


Crepes with red berries or hazelnut cream and vanilla ice cream

Handmade Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Lava and Whipped Cream


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